"Acte" is a word in LAW AND LEGAL


In French law, denotes a docu* ment, or formal, solemn writing, embodying a legal attestation that something has been done, corresponding to one sense or use of the English word “act.” Thus, actes de naissance are the certificates of birth, and must contain tbe day, hour, and place of birth, together with the sex and intended chrlstlan name of the child, and the names of the parents and of the witnesses. Actes de mariage are the marriage certificates, and contain names, professions, ages, and places of birth and domicile of the two persons marrying, and of their parents; also the con-sent of these latter, and the mutual agree-ments of the intended husband and wife to take each other for better and worse, together with the usual attestations. Actes da ddcis are the certificates of death, which are required to be drawn up before any one may be buried. Les actes de Vdtat civil are public documents. Brown

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