"Aboy" is a word in HILIGAYNON


abóy - Bent, curved, warped; to bend, to
curve, to warp, kink. Ang mga
manuglagarì nagalagárì sang káhoy sonô
sang íya abóy. The sawyers are sawing the
tree according to its curve. Nagaabóy ang
kalát, ang mga soléras, ang bánkò, etc.
The rope is kinked, the floor beams are
warped, the bench is sagging in the middle,
etc. Butangí ang bánkò sing duhá pa ka tiíl
sa tungâ, agúd nga indì magabóy. Add
two legs to the middle of the bench, so that
it may not sag or bend. (cf. táboy, lúy-on).

Few words of positivity

Wolf's wool is the best wool, but it cannot be sheared, because the wolf will not comply. With knowledge as with wolves' surliness, the student studies voluntarily, refusing to be less than individual. He "gives his opinion and then rests upon it"; he renders service when there is no reward, and is too reclusive for some things to seem to touch him; not because he has no feeling but because he has so much.

Marianne Moore, Complete Poems

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Q: What did one flea say to the other flea when they came out of the movies? - A: Should we walk home or take a dog?

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