"Abisar" is a word in HILIGAYNON


abisár - (Sp. avisar) To advise, send notice,
notify, inform. Nagabisár ka sa íya? Did
you inform him? Magsálig ka sa ákon,
magaabisár gid akó sa íya. Trust me, I will
certainly notify him. N.B. Abisár seems to
be in use only in the active voice; for the
passive abíso is commonly used.

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abíso - (Sp. aviso) Notice, information; to give notice, to send word, to notify, to inform. Abíso! Notice! Attention! Abisóhi …

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alarma (not without l) n {1} alarm, sound notifying danger. {2} report of danger. May alarma nga náay púga, There …

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kantar v {1} [A; c6] call s.t. out loud to notify people within earshot. Kinsa kadtung ngálan ang ikantar dúul, …

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paabíso - Caus. of abíso—to notify, etc. Ipaabíso mo sa íya nga—— or—paabisóhi siá nga——. Send him notice that——.

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paáman - To prepare, make—, get—, ready; to warn, notify, inform. Tungúd siní gánì ginapaáman ko sa tanán nga——. For …

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pabantálà - To circulate, give notice to, notify, propagate, publish, spread abroad, give out, announce. Ipabantálà mo sa íla nga——. …

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pahibaló, pahíbalo - (H) Notice, announcement, information, statement, news, report, advice; to tell, make known, inform, announce, acquaint with, impart, …

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pálas (not without l) v [A; a12b2] summon people to work. Palásun ku ang mga silíngan kay maglálung ta sa …

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patimáan - Notice, remark, observation, hint, information, intelligence, warning, intimation, advice; to sign or mark, give a sign or hint, …

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saksi v {1} [A2; b2] see, witness. Gustu kang musaksi ug bahug-báhug? Would you like to see a free-for-all? {2} …

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