"Abis" is a word in CEBUANO


abis v [A; ab7] slice with a curved blade, cut a small or thin part from a bigger piece.
Abisig diyútay nà, Slice a piece o?
of it.
paN-v [A2] slice the terminal portion of a coconut bud to induce sap flow.
Kaduha sila mangabis káda adlaw, They make an incision in the bud twice a day.
abísu n announcement of s.t.
to come.
v {1} [A; c] announce s.t.
to come.
Nag-abísu ang radyu nga adúnay bagyung umaábut, The radio announced that there is a typhoon coming.
{2} [A12] receive an announcement.
Nakaabísu ming way túbig ugmà, We received the announcement that there would be no water tomorrow.

Few words of positivity

I didn’t want a story—a beginning. Not anymore. I have long ago stopped walking on a road where my dreams walk around. I change my destination a hundred times if I ever see an old wish of mine standing there in its real form. I don’t know them. I don’t want to. They too must not know me. They too must not recognise me as their owner.

Khadija Rupa, Unexpressed Feelings

Laugh your heart out.

Q: Why are violas so large?A: It is an optical illusion. It's not that the violas are large, just that the viola player's heads are so small.


adlib v [A; b6] deliver s.t. extemporaneously without any script. Kinahanglan sa usa ka anawunsir nga maáyu muadlib, Its necessary …

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anawnsir CEBUANO

anawnsir n {1} announcer. {2} dispatcher of buses and jeeps (slang). v [A13; a12] be, make into an announcer.

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anug-ug ILOKANO

v. /AG-/ to weep, wail, sob. --syn. IBIT, SANGIT. ANUNSIO [f. Sp.], n. advertisement, announcement.

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anunsiyu CEBUANO

anunsiyu n announcement. v [A; c] announce. Ianunsiyu sa radyu, Announce it over the radio.

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balu I dont know. Balu lag háin siya, I dont know where he is. v = hi-ha-. hi-ha- v {1} …

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bandilyu CEBUANO

bandilyu v [A; c] cry out an announcement. Nagbandilyu ang písi nga kurpyu alas nuybi, The P. C. announced that …

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bungabong ILOKANO

v. /MANGI-: I-/ to announce. Inbungabong na ti gandat na nga agkandidato. He announced his intention to run as a …

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To discover; to determine; to as-certaln and declare. To announce a conclu-sion, as the result of judlcial investigation, u]>on a …

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imbahada CEBUANO

imbaháda n {1} embassy. {2} an announcement of s.t. to come, esp. the announcement sent by the grooms family to …

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karta n letter sent by a prospective grooms parents to the parents of the prospective bride announcing that they will …

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kilang ILOKANO

v. /MANGI-: I-/ to toll the bells for (someone who is dead). /MAI-/ to announce the death of by tolling …

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To assign to a bidder at an auction by a knock or blow of the hammer. Property is‘ said to …

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larga v {1} [B36] for a passenger vehicle to leave. Milarga (nalarga) ang trák binyáan ang kunduktur, The bus went …

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mantala CEBUANO

mantálà (not without l) v {1} [A13] herald, announce. Ang tuktugáuk sa sunuy nagmantálà sa umaábut nga kabuntágun, The crowing …

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ngurungor ILOKANO

v. /AG-, MANG-:-EN/ to stab through the throat of, to cut at the throat of: done in slaughtering an animal …

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pablaak ILOKANO

n. notice, announcement, proclamation. v. /MANGI-: I-/ to announce, proclaim, give notice of.

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pakdaar ILOKANO

n. notice, announcement, warning. v. /MANGI-: I-/ to proclaim, announce, publish. /MAI-/ to b. proclaimed announced, published. PAKI-, the form …

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paksì, paksit v [A; a] rip o? s.t. flexible that is adhering firmly to s.t. Kinsang buánga ang nagpaksì (nagpaksit) …

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paskan CEBUANO

paskan exclamation at the high degree s.t. is. Paskang iníta run! How hot it is today! nu it would be …

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v. /MANGI-: I-/ to suppose, think, assume. /MAI-/ to announce a sentence, as by a judge.

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